Our class gets on TV

In a society where we’re constantly shown either the evils of the world or the latest Hollywood scandal, it’s great to see a news piece that shows the goodness of mankind.

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It was the second week of class that the Tampa Bay Fox News came to USF to create a news piece about our Honors course “One Pencil can help bring Peace” and the School Supplies for Afghan Children charity we’re working on. Before we can get the community to care about these uneducated Afghan children, we first needed to let them know the 5 W’s of School Supplies for Afghan Children:Who, What, When, Where and Why. In doing this piece, we hoped to utilize the media effectively and reach out to the community to spread awareness of this great charity.

I didn’t realize the impact this little news piece could make for our charity. Did you know that Tampa Bay Fox News station emerged on top in morning and early evening newscasts during November of 2010? It had some stiff competitors like ABC News but it was still able to succeed on top. This means we’re exposing our story to our target group between the ages of 18 – 50. Upon looking at their Facebook, they have over 12,000 people following its page. I thought to myself, “What an amazing exposure opportunity to have our news piece shown on its broadcast and website Tampa Bay Fox News”.

It was thrilling and exciting, to say the least, to know that we were going to be on the news! It was free publicity at its finest. I was happy to see that Fox News actually wanted to hear our story and share it to its audience. I was a bit camera shy because I don’t like to hear my recorded voice (I think I still sound like my former 8 year old self sometimes!) but my classmates who did speak did a fantastic job summing up our overall experience and thoughts. Although it was a little unnerving waiting for the final product (you never know how the piece will turn out), Tampa Bay Fox News did an excellent story.

This Monday, February 14, our class will be heading downtown to a radio station to talk about School Supplies for Afghan Children and to share our experiences and goals of this course. Even though I don’t like the sound of my voice, I’m not going to shy away like I did for the Tampa Bay Fox News. I’m going to express myself during this interview because I’m starting to become really passionate about this charity and I want my voice to be heard. It’ll be a good day that day because I’ll know I influenced at least one person to make a difference in these Afghan children’s lives.

Like to help? Click here:  School Supplies for Afghan Children

About Sarai Quiel

I just graduated from the University of South Florida with a bachelors in International Business. Instead of taking the next normal step in life (aka finding a 9-5 job), for 8 GLORIOUS months, I will be teaching English in Malaga, Spain! Obviously because of my choice location, I wholeheartedly enjoy soccer, travelling, photography, reading, Salvador Dali, the beach and living life to the fullest. Click on my blog to read about my life as an expat and my latest travel adventures!
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