How Being Annoying Works


Melody Geiger, 8, with her four large Xerox boxes full of donated school supplies. Melody is a 3rd grader at Lakeview Fundamental Elementary in St. Petersburg, FL and for her gifted class, she's doing a community service project called "I Care". And she cares about children in Afghanistan.(Photo by Liisa Temple)

Today our class went to a Salem Communications radio station in downtown Tampa to promote our school supplies drive and what an experience it was! After figuring out how to get there, then parking behind the garbage bins, myself and Zoe Stiling rushed into the office hoping we were there in time! And luckily we were there with plenty of time before our part in the morning show.

As we all walked in, anxiously awaiting what being on the radio was actually like, we shuffled past the microphones and host Shayna Lance, who happily greeted us into the studio. Earlier in the show, the school supplies drive’s youngest participant, Melody Geiger from St Petersburg, was interviewed and apparently she was a hit! What cute 8 year-old isn’t? It is an amazing thing that at such a young age, she has so much drive to help kids her own age a world away from us in the United States.

Zoe and I both walked in so nervous we both said we would rather not mess up and be attentive onlookers

The radio station where the USF Honors College Students participated in a morning news show. (Photo by Kati Fratesi)

of this event, but as Zoe’s luck has it, she got picked first to speak! And she did amazing. She really spoke what was in all of the students’ hearts about why we chose this course and why it was so important to us to be involved. Then Mohammad Ismail spoke from a student’s perspective, but the perspective that most interested me as I listened was his perspective as a person who was from Pakistan himself. He relayed how he, along with SMSgt. Rex Temple, saw the need that these children had for school supplies and for education. It must be incredible for him to have seen the children coming to Pakistan from Afghanistan in hope for a better and safer future that their homeland could not offer; and now he is helping making a reality of those very same children’s dreams. How I wish I could meet some of the children that I am collecting school supplies for and that I have so much regard for.

USAF SMSgt. Rex Temple, Liisa Temple, Zoe Stiling and Mohammad Ismail speak about the School Supplies for Afghan Children drive with radio host Shayna Lance. (Photo by Kati Fratesi)

So after the segments were all done recording, the kind radio host gave us some great advice about how to reach out to other news stations, radio shows, and newspapers. The key is to be as persistent as possible, to the point of high annoyance. Although this might sound funny, she made a fantastic point. The only way to get people’s attention guaranteed is to make yourself and cause known- in whatever way does the job. That means if you have to kill them with kindness and grovel for their time, then that’s what has to be done. After all, the children we are helping would probably do the same thing if they had the same opportunities as we do over here so it’s time to get started!

Speaking of getting started, want to make a difference and donate shipping funds or school supplies? Follow the link provided to get started on making the lives of children and the future of the Afghanistan better.


About arantzazugarate

I am a student in the Honors College at the University of South Florida working with my classmates to bring education to Afghanistan's children.
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