The World We Live In

Education in Afghanistan is very different from education in the United States.  Ever since I was little, I thought of school as a chore.  It was something I didn’t really want to do, but knew I had to attend.  In Afghanistan, children treat school a bit differently.  Everyday a child gets to attend school is a blessing.  These kids will do anything for a chance to get an

Afghan boys reaching for new pencils delivered to their classroom.

education.  Of course this is something we, in the United States, take for granted.  School for the children of Afghanistan is also mostly made up of boys, as it is believed that the girls do not need to an education (according to the Taliban).   Here is where the problem lies.

Girls who are interested in getting an education are usually doing so quietly.  It is not smart for these young women to broadcast the idea that they are learning.  Why? The Taliban will try and throw acid in the girls’ faces that are attending school in order to try and teach them a lesson and send a message to any other girls who may have the same interest.

High school girls with new school supplies thanks to charitable donations.

After reading this article about an attack on a group of girls, I realized how important it is for the Taliban regime to be stopped.  By sending our school supplies over to the children of Afghanistan, we are enabling the students, both boys and girls, to learn and help make the country of Afghanistan a better place.  A place that is free from the persecution of the Taliban.

On November 12, 2010, a group of girls walking to school had acid thrown in their faces from people believed to be part of the Taliban.  Two of these girls are now blind and cannot pursue their education.  Providing school supplies not only gives more children of Afghanistan the chance to have an education, but also shows the Taliban that they cannot stop the inevitable.  They will not scare these children by attacking them.  This will not stop the children from getting an education and this will not stop us from delivering school supplies.

U.S. soldiers helping to load school supplies to be delivered to Afghanistan schools.

The Taliban is quickly realizing they are going to lose the battle against education.  This is their last stand and they will not survive.


About Chase Zimmerman

I am 22 year old Advertising major at a the University of South Florida.
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