Yes You CAN…Stop Terrorism

What if I told you that you can stop terrorism with your own hands? Would you believe me? The truth is that you can! No, you can’t fly to Afghanistan and singlehandedly take on the Taliban and al-Qaeda. You are not Rambo! But, you can stop the threat of terrorism at the source (without the fighting).

Ask yourself this: Would I kill another human being because they hold different beliefs? Most of us wouldn’t (I hope). We were taught differently. We were lucky. In Afghanistan, if a child can’t go to school, then he is likely to be recruited by the Taliban or al-Qaeda. Instead of being taught about the world, learning to think for themselves and to be independent, their minds are warped and the beliefs of the Taliban are forced into them. One of the reasons this happens is because those that do not learn to read are powerless. They have no choice but to believe everything they are told instead of being able to find out on their own. For example, if a child is told by his village’s religious leader that it is wrong for females to attend school then that child will believe it. However, the Qur’an (the Muslim holy text), does not say this. Thus, if a child cannot read then he/she would never be able to find out the truth for him/herself.

The kids in Afghanistan are great kids! They’re kind-hearted. SMSgt. Rex Temple once gave a soccer ball to a boy in Afghanistan and he was given a lamb to pet in return. These

SMSgt Temple holds a lamb after giving Afghan children a soccer ball in spring 2010 (photo from Temple family).

kids also fantasize about getting an education. SMSgt. Rex Temple was once handing out candy in an Afghan village when he came upon one child who refused the candy. Instead, the child asked for his pen. Apparently, this child simply wanted to go to school, but he was too poor to afford any school supplies. This is proof that children are our future. For each child that gets an education, there is one less future Taliban soldier.

In a presidential election, your single vote doesn’t make much of a difference. When you donate money to a charity, you don’t know where your money ends up. We all want to know that our individual efforts can make a difference. When we don’t donate to a charity, it is not because we are selfish or lazy. We just want to know that our contribution has meaning. This is one cause where you can achieve that feeling that you are personally responsible for helping another.

Do you remember what you did with the last notebook that you bought for a class and barely used? I do. At the end of each semester, I find myself stuck with a load of scarcely used paper, pencils, pens, notebooks, and folders. I just keep these things right in my drawers, collecting dust. I’m sure most of you are like me. You can go in your home, in closets and other nooks and crannies, and find a myriad of gently used school supplies. Well, why not DO something with these old things that you’re not using? This is a moment when you actually have the power in your hands to make real impact! These old backpacks, pens and pencils, and notebooks are just taking up space. Donate them to us! Every pen makes a difference.

Send an email to if you want to know how to get involved or have supplies you want to donate. You can also visit the “How to get involved” page at the top of this page.


About Julio Novo

I am currently a Junior in the Honors College studying finance at the University of South Florida. I also hold a seat on the board of directors in the International Business Board in the university. My business interests are in investments and financial analysis and I am currently working to obtain a summer internship in one of these fields. However, my life isn't all about business. I am a very active tennis player and my interests range from programming to creating music. My ultimate goal is to have a significant impact on the world. A good one, of course. But for now, I'm taking things one step at a time, one managerial accounting test at a time.
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