Education is life itself

This past week I came across an interesting article by CNN called “Afghan Infants Fed Pure Opium”. Naturally since I’m involved in a charity for Afghan children, I read the article which turned out to be an eye-opening piece.

1 million addicts including 60,000 children under 15 Photo Courtesy from Ministry of Counter Narcotics and U.N. Office on Drugs and Crime

Over 1 million people in Afghanistan are addicted to opium. That’s 1 out of 32 people. That’s pretty much one student out of your regular college sized classroom breaking off a chunk of opium as if it were a KitKat bar.

Babies from birth are addicted to this potent drug. “If a child cries, they give him opium, if they can’t sleep, they use opium, if an infant coughs they give him opium”. With no education, these people use opium as a means of medicine and/or as a means for a snack. It’s a terrible cycle that has been passed on generations. Rozigul, a grandmother says, “We are very poor people, so I used opium. We don’t have anything to eat. That is why we have to work and use drugs to keep our kids quiet”.

Aziza feeds a lump of pure opium to her 4-year-old son Omidullah Photo Courtesy from CNN

George Washington Carver once said, “Education is the key to unlock the golden door of freedom”. This is the case for Afghanistan.

Education is life itself. As you can see from the CNN article, without basic education, how can we expect the people of Afghanistan to know the difference between right and wrong when they don’t know the difference for themselves? If they can continue feeding opium unknowing the danger it poses, how can we as Americans ask for peace and democracy when they do not know better?

School Supplies for Afghan Children understands that in order to give these people a fighting chance at life and to bring our troops home, education is the most important gift we can give. Without this “key”, we can never expect to unlock the golden door of freedom.

Click here for information about how you too can get involved and help the children in Afghanistan.

Click the link to the right to see the original report from CNN: Afghan infants fed pure opium


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