Lift Your Head for a Better Future

Today as I made my usual walk from the parking garage to the Marshall Student Center at USF, I was struck by an epiphany. I suddenly realized why the world is in the chaotic state that it is in. I understood why countries are revolting and thousands of people around the world are dying. However, many of us are too preoccupied with the lives that we claim to have established for ourselves to even notice.


Being on crutches makes moving around difficult. Would you stop to open a door for this guy? Photo courtesy:

As I made my way to Marshall Center computer lab, I saw from a distance a girl texting away frantically on her phone with one hand and sipping her coffee in the other. Right next to her was a man in crutches struggling to open the door. The man wrestled with the door for a couple of minutes before he was finally able to use one of his crutches to pull it open. The girl continued to remain completely oblivious to her surroundings. It’s evident that we have become a part of a fast-paced society, where everyone is in a rush to catch up or stay ahead.  If only she only stopped to lift her head up for a second to see the man in need. If only we could stop and lift our heads fast enough to realize what’s going on in this world. How many of us can say we do not identify with that girl?


Well if you have not heard by now and just happened to have stumbled across this site on accident, the Honors College at USF is supporting a project called “School Supplies for Afghan Children: One Pencil can help bring Peace.” Prior to taking this class, I had no knowledge of this project. However, its importance has surely risen in my eyes and found a special place in my heart. It provides us as students with the opportunity to make a difference in the lives of the Afghan students. I did not lift my head soon enough, but I now wish to seize the chance to do so.

Education is a factor that holds great significance in society. It can be utilized as a powerful tool to destroy a nation or even build a civilization. With proper education, honorable character also becomes instilled within people. This in turn leads to humanity coexisting in a peaceful and understanding environment. Life as we know it could be free of violence and hatred.

The people of Afghanistan are in desperate need for re-building, not only of their country but of their lives as well. The underlying reason for their tribulations is their lack of education. Very few of them have the opportunity to go to school and those that do, cannot afford the supplies to facilitate their learning! Our daily struggles consist of crawling out of bed for our morning classes and finding a parking spot on campus, while these students are struggling to find paper to write on and a pencil to write with. It’s time we lifted our heads to see their struggle and work towards helping them gain an education. When we start to help the world educate itself, we initiate the upbringing of an educated generation that might one day be responsible for solving the problems of the world. Education poses as a possible answer for the troubles of the world today.

If you are reading this blog, then you have already lifted your head half way up. You have taken the step to learn about what is going on in the lives of these people and now know that there are groups working to make a difference. Now the question you should ask yourself is, what will I do for the students of Afghanistan?

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About maismail09

My name is Mohammad A. Ismail and I am a sophomore at the University of South Florida. I am double majoring in biology and biochemistry and hope to one day become a doctor. My main goal is to make sure that I am helping the community as much as possible with all the resources I have to offer regardless of how little they might be. I believe in order for us to be successful, everyone must do their part and no action is too small.
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1 Response to Lift Your Head for a Better Future

  1. TabarakAllah wa MashaAllah. It’s sad but I’ve seen similar situations to the girl and the crutched boy–all too often. You touched on two very important points here, the realization that there are problems greater than ourselves, and a specific problem-the poor quality of education in other countries, specifically Afghanistan. What sets apart these countries is a deteriorating educational system. With decent education, the youth can easily rise up and take their countries to higher levels (albeit all the other factors).

    May Allah help this project to grow and give it barakah, and let the fruits of it be sweet.

    By the way, I think this is the first real piece I’ve read from you. Awesomely well written…now that’s a CA alumnus. 😉

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