I care because my cousin is deployed over there

Afghan children are unable to attend school due to their lack of school supplies.

So What?

Afghan children are unable to get an education despite their desire to learn.

So what?

If all you have to give is a pencil or pen you can help.

So what?

During this time in American history the response of “so what” or “why should I care” is a frequently heard one.  There are so many financial needs to tend to that are closer to home than in Afghanistan. To study at a university is getting more and more costly.  Finding a job to help pay for those school bills is harder than before.  The commute to school and work drains my fuel tank and wallet quicker than I can get my next paycheck deposited.  But despite the fact that these reasons all have personally impacted me I can only come up with one response to it all: so what?

This semester I will have the privilege of reaching out to those in the community and getting them to leave behind their “so what” comments.  Whether my attempts are on campus with student organizations or off campus with local sports teams, I want others to see past their reasons of “why not” into the possibilities of why they should support this cause.

My "reason" for this project, my cousin.

This organization that collects school supplies for Afghan children is one that can find a place in the heart of nearly every person out there.  I personally posses a couple reasons why my heart and imagination have caught on fire over this organization. I have a loved one who serves for the U.S. Navy and is currently deployed.  Despite the ongoing tension and disagreements surrounding this war I support my cousin and I support our troops.  I admire his strength and am proud of what he does.  So when I participate in this project I know that with the donated school supplies the children in Afghanistan are presented with an opportunity.  And that opportunity is education, which they can use to be the much-needed catalysts of change and peace for their country. This potential for peace then brings us the possibility of thanking our loved ones face to face instead of over the Internet while they are overseas.

Everyone can come up with a list of reasons as to why they can’t participate in charitable causes but so what? All you need is one reason why you should.  It could be something grand like wanting to bring peace to the world, to seeing your family and friends home from the war, or just knowing you made a child very happy.  Find a reason to say “yes” and help us instead of just saying “no.” Then that pencil you gave to our project or the $12.95 tax deductible check you wrote for our shipping fund will take shape into something bigger than just your one reason.  It takes shape in the lives of those who this organization is all about  –  children in Afghanistan in need of an education.


About kaciesegovia

My name is Kacie Segovia. I am a student at USF with a double major in psychology and criminology. I have the hopes to attend graduate school to attain a PhD in counseling and development. From there I am interested in building my career around helping at risk children in and out of the country. My ultimate goal is to use my life and opportunities as the means in which children may be provided with the ability to attain an education for themselves in areas where going to school is more a dream than a reality.
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