A Glimpse

Afghan boys reaching for pencils during a humanitarian mission in Afghanistan in April 2010 (photo by SMSgt Rex Temple).

Watching the presentation by Senior Master Sergeant Temple really helped me grasp and comprehend what life is like for the children of Afghanistan.  It showed me how dangerous life can truly be for a young boy or girl who is fighting to survive.

Photo courtesy: children.foreignpolicyblogs.com

Here in the United States, there are plenty of things we as Americans take for granted.  I sometimes forget that there are children in the world who cannot get an education.  Afghanistan is a large country with tons of young children who just want to learn.

SMSgt Temple hands out pens to Afghan school girls in April 2010.

Temple’s presentation was extremely uplifting though.  He told us about one small boy he met out on a mission who wanted to have a pen instead of a piece of candy.  This one child has slowly made a larger impact on schools throughout his country because he inspired Temple to start his school supplies drive.  Through Temple’s organization, “School Supplies for Afghan Children,” students in Afghanistan will finally have the chance to get an education and learn, which is something that many did not believe was possible.

By educating the younger generations in Afghanistan, the future for the country can be great.  Educated citizens of Afghanistan will realize there is much more out in the world and that they can live a normal life and not fear the Taliban.  With education, a proper government can be created, run by smart citizens of Afghanistan.

Believe it or not, school supplies have the ability to change an entire country like Afghanistan.  One pencil really can bring peace.

Afghan children at an open-air school in Jalalabad in an undated photo by Radio Free Europe.


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I am 22 year old Advertising major at a the University of South Florida.
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